Test the Whatsup Application for free and see how it applies to your business right now.  
  Whatsup is really simple to understand - your customers provide feedback using their mobile phones.
(They don’t need an app or anything special)
The information is captured and you can see the immediate results and recover the client using the Whatsup App.
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  Follow these easy steps and get going with our free demo in minutes:  
  In the App store search for Whatsup.  
platforms app_logo app_store
  Once you have download the app simply login.  
demo1 photoapp
  Now you are ready to see how it works.  
  Pretend you are the customer, you have just finished your meal and requested the bill. You receive the bill and see the
incentive to provide feedback.
bill_pic bill
  Simply SMS the keyword DEMO to 37924  
  You will receive a return SMS with a feedback link.  
  Click on the link and complete the form.  
  That’s it, now simply view your App and see how the information is represented.  
  Pretty cool, right?  
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