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We all know it's critical to understand what customers are thinking but what's being done about it?

  Simply getting customer feedback on a monthly or quarterly basis printed in a fancy report and delivered to your door step, is as valuable as a bag of air! Why?
  Simply put, people at ground level don't see the value and thus very little changes.
  We've invested in mobile technology to bridge this gap and ensure real effective operational changes are made, moment in time, to address customer needs as required.


We'll let you know what your customers are thinking on a continuous basis.
See how it works...  
service station   So the customer is smiling?

Mmm... but what's really on her mind?
  97% of customers will never let you know their true thoughts ...understanding customer experience real time has become the key business differentiator as products have become increasingly commoditised. What does this blurb mean?

Simple... petrol is petrol, similarly priced however the value is in the service.

The slip is presented and the customer is incentivised to provide feedback by simply SMSing the keyword.
(Nothing advanced is required, system works on entry level mobile devices (SMS and WAP 2.0)

"A quick 2 minutes and you stand to WIN an iPad."

client receives a message   R6    
    It's quick and easy for the customer to provide feedback within their personal comfort zone.
    Once the SMS is sent the customer receives an automated reply with a link that they click on to provide feedback.
    providing feedback
In the event that a customer needs critical attention, the manager will immediately
be informed. Doesn't this make sense?
Whatsup alert message  

manager receives sms

The information is captured and intelligently assessed real time. If the customer has an issue that needs to be dealt with right away, the system kicks out an immediate recovery notification to all the required parties within 60 seconds!

Obviously the manager doesn't want to be bothered with every feedback form, so the Whatsup system will intelligently assess which customers require immediate attention. After all, we are pumping gas not playing on cell phones.

The alert is selected and the current feedback form is immediately pulled up in the APP.

A quick assessment of the feedback form and the manager is on top of his game.

The customer's mobile number is well represented and an option to either call or text is available.

80% of dissatisfied customers just won't come back, now that's a real loss of turnover.

Luckily, if you deal with unhappy customers within 20 minutes the majority are recoverable. If that doesn't raise a flag you're lucky you're still pumping gas.


Feedback form

manager thinking  

Once you have dealt with the emergency it's time to assess whether the issue was a one-off or you require operational changes in your business.

The Whatsup solution enables you to analyse trends based on each individual component of your business whilst benchmarking against an industry average.

Speed of service report  

Although one customer may have complained about speed of service a quick analysis of the weekly trend shows that generally customers are happy.

In the event that the results were poor the manager will take the appropriate action. It's great to be able to show the staff why relevant changes are being made so they don't think the manager is acting on emotion.

Overall view  

Let's not get complicated. If you require a simple overall view of your current performance without drilling through reams of details simply select 'Overall View' and see how you are shaping up.

This is great for the non-techy high level business owner.

At Ground Zero...  
• Instant trend analyses is available to see what operational changes are required.  
• An understanding of true customer experience becomes the norm.  
How well you are doing compared to other outlets becomes a serious point of interest, i.e. getting buy-in at an operational level is simple as the process is non administrative and the key benefits are accepted by all parties.  
The area manager has the ability to view the same information as the Service Station on the same basis.

In addition, they have a further access level whereby they can benchmark internal outlets to the current outlet visited in real time.

So while discussing various issues Whatsup data can instantly verify or potentially question key points of discussion.

The anaylsis is now accepted by all parties and the playing field has been levelled.

The result is that real value is brought to the table.
data   data
Data is captured en masse.
Mobile numbers are captured.
  It is now easy to poll relevant respondents that have opted in with respect to SMS promotions and get to the bottom of those never ending subjective questions.


Head Office gets an instant macro overview with the required data to drill deeper as required.  
Whatsup brings all parties together with respect to understanding customer experiences, micro managing critical events and analysing trends to manipulate strategic initiatives in both the medium and long term.   success pic
managers   Plus... it's really SIMPLE!!!
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