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You've just spent an exhausting afternoon showing a client a few properties... Now you want to know whether you got it right.

  Ever wondered what your customer really thought?
  Don't rely on your mind-reading perception alone... Time to get the facts.
  We'll help you uncover the truth whilst benchmarking your skills against other agents Real Time.


Everyone hits the ball in the net, Whatsup gives you a second serve.
See how it works...  
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You've just finished dealing with a potential client.

Time to see how you stacked up and assess whether this client requires focussed energy.

If clients gave you honest feedback you would truly understand the potential to close a sale. It's critical to know if you missed a key element with respect to meeting their requirements if you want to retain the client and stop them from seeing other agents.

Now that makes sense.

Simply click on 'Seen Client' and capture the basic details and Whatsup will automatically
take over

This process ideally takes place straight after you have seen the client.
agent captures details   submitted report   Capturing details of client just seen
It's quick and easy for the agent to capture the client details and add a quick personal note
if required.

It's not mandatory to capture all fields however either a mobile number or email is required.
15 minutes later the client receives a personal text message.  
client receiving message   client receives a message   feedback form
It's critical to delay the text message so that the potential client provides feedback within their comfort zone.    
Being at the top of the real estate game is no easy task. There are many key aspects that need to be covered when showing property. If you hit the ball in the net you need to know right away. This gives you a second serve.

If any of the aspects were rated poorly, the Whatsup service will alert you within a few minutes enabling you to rectify the issue accordingly.
Red Alert   Second serve    
Comments   Dealing with the poor feedback form is really simple. The feedback information is clearly represented and you can see that 'Brief Relevance' was rated poorly. The clients mobile number is available for you to simply phone or text as required.
  Once you have fully understood the issue and rectified it, you would not only have re-established the required credibility that you deserve but you now have the opportunity to see whether this is an ongoing issue or a once-off.



Brief relevance  

By simply drilling down into the captured data it's really easy to see whether you truly understand your client's needs or not.

Based on the results you need to focus more attention on listening to your client's preferences and perhaps avoid showing irrelevant listings.

Overall view  

Let's not get complicated. If you require a simple overall view of your current performance without drilling through reams of details simply select 'Overall View' and see how you are shaping up.

This is great for the non-techy high level business owner.

At Ground Zero...  
• Immediate customer recovery becomes the order of the day  
• Instant trend analyses is available to see what operational changes are required.  
• An understanding of true customer experience becomes the norm.  
How well you are doing compared to other outlets becomes a serious point of interest, i.e. getting buy-in at an operational level is simple as the process is non administrative and the key benefits are accepted by all parties.  
The real estate manager has the ability to view the same information as the agent on the same basis.

In addition, they have a further access level whereby they can benchmark internal outlets to the current outlet visited in real time.

So while discussing various issues Whatsup data can instantly verify or potentially question key points of discussion.

The anaylsis is now accepted by all parties and the playing field has been levelled.

The result is that real value is brought to the table.
Data   Data
Data is captured en masse.
Mobile numbers are captured.
  It is now easy to poll relevant respondents that have opted in with respect to SMS promotions and get to the bottom of those never ending subjective questions.


Head Office gets an instant macro overview with the required data to drill deeper as required.  

Whatsup brings all parties together with respect to understanding customer experiences, micro managing critical events and analysing trends to manipulate strategic initiatives in both the medium and long term.

Plus... it's really SIMPLE!!!

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