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  Simon Bekker is the CEO and Co-founder of the Whatsup (CEM) Customer Experience Management Application.  
Here are a few facts that inspired the development of the solution.  
  There's nothing more frustrating than receiving a product or service that you are genuinely unhappy about without the ability to communicate your dissatisfaction. We're all human and generally avoid confrontation.

On the same note successful companies genuinely want to provide you competitive service and become frustrated when a situation is misread.

Whatsup brings both parties together enabling a combination of customer recovery and opportunity with a highly efficient cost-effective mobile engagement tool.

Incredible cutting edge technology now lets you really know what your customers think!

Are you aware that most customers will never complain directly to your face?
Are you concerned that you may lose the opportunity to save a customer?
Do you really know what the cost is of losing a customer in your business?
Do you really think that truly understanding your customers is important?
Is there a real link between customer feedback and operations in your business?
  A professional customer experience management solution does the following:  
  Represents your establishment in a professional and succinct manner.
  Encourages customers to actually tell you how they feel.
  Enables people to provide feedback within their comfort zone.
  Encourages both positive and negative feedback.
  The questions are professionally positioned.
  Critical issues are immediately escalated to the right person for instant recovery.
  Simple widespread access to the information is available real-time.
  Incorporates the ability to analyse issues and see whether they are “once off” or” trends”.
  Provides instant benchmarking in order to illustrate how your establishment stacks up.
  Removes any paperwork or cumbersome administration to get to the meat of the situation.
  Enables both internal branch comparatives and total industry analyses.
  Ensures that data collection is an ongoing process and not a shot in the dark.
Do you have a professional customer management solution keeping you up to
speed in your business?
Do you react negatively with members of staff when someone complains?
Are you aware how critical staff motivation is to your business?
Do you worry that when your back is turned attitudes change?
Whatsup takes the complexity out of the customer experience management process, providing you and your staff with the key facts direct to your mobile phone Real Time.

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MICROmega is listed under the support services sector on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa.

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